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Make sure before you leave that you purchase a travel insurance: repatriation, medical expenses, civil liability abroad ...

Here are some information and practical advice.


Our travel agency, SARL Authentik Trip, subscribes to a professional liability insurance within SANAD, under the number 0560.5203.506505.

Does your guarantee not replace any case that each traveler must subscribe individually and voluntarily?

Stays abroad that offers you a comprehensive warranty: cancellation, illness, accidents, natural disasters, repatriation ... So, you won't have any bad surprise and you can go on a trip with peace of mind.


If you practice sport or language activities, in case of injury or accident, your insurance that covers you.

If you practice adventure sports activities like trailing, we advice you to sign up for active insurance covering the entire world. We may also ask you for a medical certificate that must be less than one year old.


You may already be covered abroad by your current insurance:

Check with your insurer if you already have available assistance for your stay in Morocco with your current insurance. Ask for the conditions and amounts of coverage.


Your international credit card often covers you for repatriation abroad and trip cancellation (especially Visa Premier and Mastercard Gold). Check with your bank for conditions and amounts.

USEFUL INFORMATION: If you do not pay the stay with your Visa Premier credit card, you are still covered in repatriation insurance but not in cancellation. If you pay the stay with your credit card, you are covered both in repatriation and cancellation (under valid conditions).


You are not covered, or not totally ?


Purchase insurance with a specialized travel insurer. Our partner CHAPKA ASSURANCES offers different packages depending on the duration of your stay and the number of people to cover:

  • Repatriation and comprehensive assistance

  • Cancellation insurance

  • Vacation Rental Insurance

  • Multi-trip insurance valid for 1 year


Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.


Do not forget to bring with you the copy of your insurance contract, because you are responsible for the declaration of claims with your insurance company.

Save in your phone and write down on a paper the phone number of the assistance.

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