Tour by yourself

with 4x4 private driver


& day trip into Agafay desert

From Marrakech to Marrakech
Explore Agafay desert

Souks & medina

Atlas mountains view

By yourself

in Marrakech

Quiet pace:

3 days free in Marrakech

1 day in the desert of Agafay

1 day in the Ourika Valley

Private tour
from 2 to 10 people.

Enjoy a food tour in Marrakech ! (& surroundings)

Stay a couple of days in your charming riad in the medina district with heated pool on the roof terrace and breathtaking views on the snow-capped Atlas Mountains.

Have an unusual experience in the stone desert of Agafay with a memorable evening in a luxurious bivouac, a dinner under the stars, a dromedary ride…

Have a taste of Morocco: traditional street food, spice markets, Moroccan gourmet restaurants, cooking class, bread baking, saffron and olive tree fields…

  • A unique experience : cooking with the locals

  • Explore Agafay desert, not far from Marrakech and the Ourika valley

  • Guided tour of the souks and the medina district

  • An hour-long dromedary ride in the desert

  • 4x4 excursion in the Agafay desert 

  • Have a taste of Morocco : full board tour

  • 4x4 (recent Land Cruiser) with private driver during your excursion away from Marrakech

  • Opportunity to cook with local people 

  • Suitable for families

  • Airport transfers

  • Accommodation: in riads, luxury bivouac

  • All-inclusive tour: full-board






Special tanjia recipe  including a good dash of Médaillon red wine, served with barley semolina cooked with caramelized onions.


Médaillon red wine glass included


Possibility to order the traditional tanjia (without,red wine)

Selection of Fine Salads


Fish Tagine Gently Cooked with Mixed Fresh Vegetables

Couscous with Chicken, Sweet Onions and Raisins

Lamb or Beef or Chicken Tagine with sweet prunes and almonds


Moroccan Pancake Served with Melted Butter and Honey

Moroccan Home Made Pastries

Fresh Fruit salad


(choose your main course and dessert)

Traditional harira


Crispy Briouates


Monkfish tajine served with argan oil


Atlas date roll on an orange salad

A local team to help you discover the most beautiful remote places of Morocco,
get off the beaten tracks and experience an unforgettable adventure !


Your host, who welcomes you in the remote oasis of Fint within his familly.
He will introduce you to Berber songs!


10 times winner of the Marathon des Sables
and a good track-record.
A child of the desert, born in the tribe of Ait Atta, who shaped his own destiny and realized his dearest dreams.
An unforgettable meeting ...


Your 4x4 driver, born in the region!
He will take you to remote places and to drink tea with the nomads. 

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