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Why travelling to Morocco? Not only for the weather -sunny and warm- and breathtaking landscapes, but also to meet the Moroccans, who will be glad to share their culture and their daily life with you. You will feel like home !

Basically, this is a country full of traditions where nature is still preserved from tourism.


3 hours away from Paris by plane, change of scenery guaranteed !

Morocco welcomes you !

Votre projet de voyage Maroc



Morocco remains the safest country in North Africa and the Middle East for tourists.
If you check on the website, you will see that Morocco is situated in the GREEN zone, the safest zone.

On the website of the GLOBAL INDEX OF TERRORISM, Morocco is rated 1.45 on a scale of risk from 1 to 10 (1 is the smallest risk).

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Tangier - Marrakech

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